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The mission here at the Brooklyn School for Math and Research is for every graduate to make a relevant contribution to our world. Mastery of mathematics and research provides the foundation for the successful completion of a four year degree at a college or university, as well as the necessary tools to be career ready. Dr. Perry Rainey brings over a decade of experience as an educator, and knows what is necessary to prepare students for the demands of college and life after high school. As the Founding Principal of The Brooklyn School for Math and Research, his goal is for students to develop both competence and confidence when engaging in mathematics, research, and critical thinking.

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Happy New Year & Welcome Back BSMART!
As of January 4th, 2021, all instruction will continue remotely.

Just a friendly reminder that Monday, January 18th, school will be CLOSED in observance of MLK Day. 
Important Update: 

BSMART's Guidance Department has gone remote.
Learn more about our remote counseling services. 

A reminder that Marking Period 3 ends on Friday, January 22nd.

To make sure that your child is on track to pass this Term please review their progress via Pupil Path and Google Classroom.

A grade of NX on your scholar’s report card is an indication that they did not pass Marking Period 2 and are in jeopardy of being classified as Promotion in Doubt for the next school year.

B-SMART’s policy is that Marking Period 3 is an average of Marking Period 1 – Marking Period 3. If your scholar received an NX (Failing Grade) for Marking Period 2, we strongly advise that you go to Pupilpath to view the numeric equivalent of what their “NX” grade (i.e. 55, 60 etc.) would’ve been.

Please note:

Until further notice, there will be NO IN PERSON INSTRUCTION.


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