Tech Support

B-SMART Email Login Instructions

Email Address: Student First Name + Last Name Initial Only +the last four (4) of your OSIS #

Password: Your entire OSIS #


Jane Doe 
OSIS #: 220001234 

Sign into Google using your "" email address.

To log into Gmail on your Mac or PC, simply go to and enter your account email  when prompted and your password (your FULL OSIS #).

If you do not know your OSIS # please call (718) 381-7100 or email

How to Log Into Google Classrom

Step 1: On the top right corner of your email page, click on the square of dots. 

Step 2: Scroll down and click on the "Google Classroom" application.

Step 3: After entering the "Google Classroom" application, you should see all of your programmed classes.

Step 4: Click (+) to join class.

How to Use Google Classroom for Students