Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Parent Outreach:

Can I opt for Remote Instruction only?
Yes. Kindly fill out this form: School Year 2020 Instructional Preference. You can opt into remote only instruction at any point in the school year.

If I choose Remote Learning, can I change my selection at a later date?
There will be specific times throughout the school year in which parents will have an opportunity to change their preferences beginning in November. 

How do I update my Blue Card?
The most convenient way to fill update the Emergency Contact Card for the 2020-21 school year is by completing this Google Form.

When will students receive their school programs so they know what classes they will be taking?

Programs will be made available on Pupil Path a few days prior to the first day of classes.

Health & Safety:

Does my child need a mask?

Yes, everyone in the building must wear a mask at all times. Students and staff must wear face coverings protecting their nose and mouth while on school property or on DOE-provided transportation, unless students cannot medically tolerate a face covering, or wearing the face covering is inappropriate based on the students’ IEP.

Would the school be providing masks?
As per the Chancellor’s guidance, the NYCDOE will provide the following supplies:

Personal Protective Equipment:
Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer

Cleaning supplies:
Bleach, soap, and wipes

Nursing supplies:

Facility reconfiguration supplies:
Wellness barriers (one for the main school safety agent (SSA) desk and one for the general office)
Hand sanitizing stations
Floor decals showing the flow of traffic patterns, and Social Distancing.

What will entry procedures look like in September?
To avoid congestion during entrance, floor markings of six feet in distance and directional markers will be placed by custodial staff to ensure that students comply with physical distancing guidelines.

Multiple access points will be used to allow students into the building.

School Safety Agents will be present at the exterior of the building to support line up for entry and ensure physical distancing mandates.

After students complete the entry process, school staff and School Safety Agents will direct students to the designated stairwells, moving in the same direction, directly to their assigned classroom (six feet from one another) and avoid communal areas.

Scanners will be cleaned regularly in accordance with cleaning guidelines.